5 Aug 2020/
10:00 - 11:00
Target Audience:
Partner and End User

【Gigamon】Zero Trust - How to keep your encrypted traffic secure and gain visibility?

SSL/TLS encryption is rising as enterprises face more stringent security mandates, over 90 percent of internet traffic around the globe is now encrypted. Unfortunately, encryption isn’t limited to well-meaning parties. Consider that over 2.8 million cyber-attacks in 2019 were hidden in encrypted traffic. Cybercriminals use encryption to conceal malware, hide command-and-control traffic and cloak the exfiltration of stolen data.

Our expert shared how our technologies help you secure your data encryption.

  • How to process SSL decryption solution on Network Packet Broker
  • Physical / Logical Bypass for SSL solution Network
  • How to protect sensitive information sent to security tools for analysis
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