9 Dec 2019/
14:30 - 17:00
Target Audience:
End Users

【Palo Alto Networks x Docker x F5】Micro-Segmentation & Container Security

IT continues to be under intense pressure to increase agility, speed up delivery of new functionality and enhance the security to the lines of business. In view of this, the solution of Docker's containers platform and Palo Alto Networks's Twistlock can meet this business challenge and provide a secure container environment. While F5 can provide the web security and NGINX Plus API gateway to connect both legacy applications and modern distributed applications based on microservices.

Join our workshop and hear from our experts:
► Introduce the solution of Docker container and microservices
► How  F5 can bring web security and API platform with NGINX Plus
► How Palo Alto Networks Twistlock can protect the container environment
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