12 Jun 2020/
15:00 - 16:00
Target Audience:
End Users

【Palo Alto Networks x F5 】Apps Transformation by Secure Container Orchestration Platform

With the dynamic changes and requirement of the application delivery, we should understand what 4 Cs are, and how to drive the world and facilitate with some IT technology.

How F5 Nginx PLUS provides the software-based delivery platform running on the modern containerization environment, how can we persist the data volume with “self-service storage” and data management through the native language of container platform?

React to security pitfalls starting from code vulnerability scan and review run through the DevOps cycle as well as Palo Alto Networks Prisma™provides the unique benefits to containers, hosts and functions across the application cycle what business need.

Join our webinar to find out the best practice on how F5 and Palo Alto Networks collaborate to build the container environment and how Orchestrater can help to facilitate and achieve the business outcome.

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