9 Jul 2020/
11:00 - 12:30
Target Audience:
End Users

【Ruckus】 What Can Wi-Fi 6 Do for Your Business?

Over the past decade, Wi-Fi is an integral part of nearly every business. Our daily lives have filled up with more and more devices, small and large, simple and complex, for home and business, all connected to Wi-Fi. The increasing demand on Wi-Fi connection puts tremendous strain on all organizations looking to deploy secure and scalable Wi-Fi networks.

Recently, a new Wi-Fi standard, Wi-Fi 6 (also known as “802.11ax”), has been launched. It is designed to bring a series of improvements such as increased network speed, capacity and responsiveness.

If you’re planning to upgrade your networking infrastructure, now is the perfect time …

Come and join this webinar to know what Wi-Fi 6 means for your business and how high-performance, secure and reliable Wi-Fi solutions, provided by Ruckus, can help you to address the challenges and take advantages of Wi-Fi 6 for accelerating your business growth.



- What is Wi-Fi 6?

- The Advantages of Wi-Fi 6

- How Wi-Fi 6 Benefits the IoT Industry

- Ruckus ICX Switch Solution

- Ruckus Cloud and Analytics

- Q & A

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