ACW Distribution

22 Apr 2021/
14:30 - 15:30
Target Audience:

Webinar: Skybox Security Virtual Partner Workshop

Customers today are struggling to deal with expanding cybersecurity threats and business risks due to a dynamically changing, complex attack surface. Increasingly fragmented and decentralized networks, siloed security management processes, inconsistent security and network configurations, and immature vulnerability management programs have created the perfect storm. 

How to generate more business value for our customers? How to provide customers with total visibility and greater insights? How can we help them maximize operational efficiency, maintain continuous compliance, and reduce business risks? 
These are some obvious challenges that most channel partners are looking to address. ACW distribution HK and Skybox Security jointly invite you to this exclusive partner workshop to explore and unlock potential opportunities in the cybersecurity landscape. Join us in this workshop as we cover: 
Introduction to Skybox Security
Skybox solutions
Positioning Skybox platform
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