11 Jan 2022/
14:30 - 17:30
ACW Office (8/F)
Target Audience:
End Users
Training / Workshop

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud x Veracode UTD hands-on workshop, 11 Jan 2022

The increasing shift toward the cloud means that many organisations now have workloads spread across a wide range of compute options including virtual machines, containers, serverless and more. 

Prisma Cloud, brings together a number of key capabilities within a single cloud native security platform providing a comprehensive solution for securing cloud workloads across multiple clouds and architectures.

Beside the security of compute, we may realize some existing and potential vulnerabilities in application itself. Web, Mobile applications and microservices which are exposed in the internet. What we should have an eyes on before the deployment is — secured coding.

Veracode, performs shift-left practices on application security testing and integrate in CI/CD pipeline. It also applies DevSecOps approach as a bridge to joint different teams in SDLC. 

Want to know more? Then join us for an Ultimate Test Drive of Prisma Cloud® x Veracode on Jan 11, 2022 where you will have an opportunity to explore cloud workload protection fundamentals in a unique virtual, hands-on environment.

Register today and accept your mission: to learn about protecting your applications from vulnerabiltiies and attacks, gaining visibility and controls and much more. Users will use Prisma Cloud® x Veracode to identify as many of these issues as possible within a predetermined amount of time. Do this, and you’ll also be in with a chance to win some cool prizes. What are you waiting for?

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