19 Aug 2022/
14:30 - 17:00
ACW Office (8/F)
Target Audience:
Training / Workshop

【Laiye】Partner Training

How does automation change the way enterprises work? Bringing Intelligent Automation to life is an amazing opportunity for enterprises to reshape work.

LAIYE, one of the leading RPA and AI solutions providers, helps customers to improve productivity and performance with AI-driven automation platform.

Join this partner training on 19 Aug 2022 (Fri), we will help you accelerate your ability to:

  • Sell Laiye Intelligent Automation platform to your customers;
  • Leverage Laiye Intelligent Automation platform internally to reinvest your core services and achieve workforce gains;
  • Co-develop new and innovative solutions that exploit the capabilities of Intelligent Automation;
  • Guide your business and your clients on how to maximize the benefits of Intelligent Automation with a Center of Excellence;
  • Deploy Intelligent Automation as part of a broader business process optimization initiative.
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