ACW Distribution

6 Oct 2022/
14:30 - 15:45
Target Audience:

【NetApp x SailPoint x Seclore】Your One-stop Data Security Solution

According to The Economist – data is now the most valuable asset in the world, ahead of oil. It can bring potential revenue and business value to the company. Moreover, it's available for sale and purchase.

But, how to manage and protect these numerous valuable data? It can be hard to realize how much data businesses access on a daily basis and how much more they have stored on the cloud or on-premises. How to ensure proper data management, access and prevent unwanted external access to data?

NetApp, SailPoint and, Seclore can provide a one-stop data security solution to help! No matter from governing access right to unstructured, regulated and sensitive data, data storage and management to ensure data remains secure and trackable. Join our webinar to know more now !

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