ACW Distribution

17 Jan 2023/
15:00 - 17:00
Harlan's Bar and Restaurant
Target Audience:
End Users

【Tableau x SingleStore】Unlocking the business value of real-time analytics and supercharging dashboards

Real-time analytics is crucial for every business to thrive in today’s highly dynamic and unpredictable socio-political environment. Events such as the Ukrainian Crisis and Covid-19 proved that businesses need faster data analysis to be able to make quick, data-driven decisions — and continuously adapt to stay ahead of time.

SingleStoreDB is known to supercharge dashboards into fastboards. It is an optimized engine built for transactions and analytics, processing data at a sub-second level with the ability to handle thousands of concurrent requests per second. Kellogg’s has seen 80x improvement in its Tableau au dashboards. Innovative startups in the fintech industry are seeing 10-20x improvements in their custom web-based dashboard speeds by leveraging the SingleStoreDB .

In this session, we will be:

  • Exploring SingleStoreDB’s unique architecture that powers the performance of apps and dashboards. Hear directly from our solutions engineers
  • Understanding what makes SingleStoreDB the choice of database for many Fortune 500 and 200 over other companies
  • Unlocking the business value of faster data applications. We will cover case studies of companies using SingleStoreDB to deliver superior customer experience and to save lives
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