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9 Mar 2023/
14:30 - 15:45
Target Audience:

【Arista Networks】Webinar: Defend Your Network Attack Surface with Awake NDR

Nowadays, enterprises raise their concern about network security deployment due to the growth of network threats/breaches that potentially harm their interests and privacy. Signature-based detection & Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) are solutions used by most enterprises in general.

But are the above solutions good enough? What if threats are not known? Are you adding BYODS into your corporate network environment? The unpredictable attack that cannot be traced by fingerprints? Arista delivers Awake NDR platform to provide whole network visibility, non- ignature based AI detection, providing insights that gather pieces of suspicious network activities for analysts tracking & proactively autonomous threat hunting.

Topics Covered:
Understand Awake NDR
  • • Secure network challenges & NDR characteristics
  • • Awake NDR components & deployment architecture
Awake NDR advantages & Awake managed services
  • • Reasons to select Awake NDR & Awake NDR market position
  • • Awake Security Alliances
  • • Assess, monitor & respond with Arista professional service
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