12 Jul 2019/
14:30 - 17:00
Alibaba Office
Target Audience:
End Users
Alibaba Cloud:

【Palo Alto Networks】 Tips on Cloud Security

 Organisations are using Alibaba Cloud infrastructure to accelerate their business expansion into mainland China and across Asia. It can help you do the same if you can be sure your cloud-based workloads are safe. Palo Alto Networks VM-Series for Alibaba Cloud is a Virtual Next-Generation Firewall that brings advanced threat prevention and safe application enablement capabilities to Alibaba-based virtual infrastructure. Join our seminar for more details.

Topics to be covered

●  Securing Cloud Environments by Palo Alto Networks:

○  Protect your cloud deployments by enabling applications and preventing threats with the VM-series

○  Ensure continuous security and compliance for multi-cloud deployments with Prisma™ Public Cloud

○  Provide real-time protection against exploits and other threats with Traps™ for endpoint protection and
    response, ensuring the integrity of your operating systems and applications running in the Cloud


●  Best Practice for securities on Cloud:

○  How to handle Mainland China Acceleration with Anti DDoS protection

○  How to protect application and website on cloud environment

○  How to monitor picture, video and text against violation of China Cyber Security Law


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