ACW Distribution

5 Dec 2019/
14:30 - 16:30
NetApp Office
Target Audience:
End Users
Petabytes & Beyond Technology Limited:

【NetApp x Automation Anywhere】Automated build for Agile DevOps and Any IT Operation Process

Today, automation is evolving quickly and the impact is increasing rapidly especially in technology industry. Over 1,400 organizations use the AI-enabled solution to manage and scale business process automation faster, with near-zero error rates. Join our seminar to see how the synergy of Automation Anywhere and NetApp can help your organization to reduce operational costs, increase productive and reduce errors.

Event Highlight:
The road to NetApp is paved with DevOps
Native integration makes Trident an indispensable solutions
How to change the Future of Work with Legacy without API
ROBOTS for HIRE! The use of Robotics under the dry run testing
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