ACW Distribution

22 Nov 2019/
14:30 - 17:00
AWS Office
Target Audience:
End Users

【NetApp】Protect and Extend Your Data Seamlessly with AWS, NetApp and Commvault

The “Protect and Extend Your Data Seamlessly” seminar, which was co-organized by ACW, AWS, Commvault and NetApp was completed on 22 Nov 2019; we are glad to have experts from AWS, Commvault and NetApp to introduce how the data protection and storage solutions of NetApp and Commvault can work together with AWS cloud platform seamlessly to secure and manage the data while the data can meet compliance requirement.

We hope that the participants have attained an in-depth understanding about the solutions of AWS, Commvault and NetApp through this seminar.  Please visit or contact us for more info.



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