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Welcome ACW Partners?

As an ACW partner, your success is important to us. Check around here for easy access to complete partner information, programs and resources.

We have experienced channel sales manager or ordering team for you to develop your business with us.

The first step is to determinine which ACW relationship best aligns with your company's products, services, expertise and business goals. ACW programs are available to help you resell our virtualization solutions or distribute them to resellers; train customers on how to use them; and host them in a cloud environment. You can also validate your products with ACW technologies to establish compatibility, allowing them to be marketed as a joint offering. Details on ACW partner relationship opportunities and supporting programs are listed below.

ACW System Integrator helps enterprise customers architect, plan and deliver innovative business solutions leveraging the ACW portfolio of products.
Earn monetary rewards when you refer us customers that convert to sales
We welcome all professional technology providers to work with us on various solutions.


At ACW, We Believe...

At ACW, we believe that local business partners are as important as our products and solutions. We also think that integration of various products and expertise will bring users truly helpful and comprehensive solutions.

Partner Program is linked to your level of commitment. The program allows you to become a Lead-Pass Partner or an Alliance Partner.

With our marketing partners, we develop strategies for reaching target markets through joint promotional and sales programs. We feature partner's profiles, press releases and links on our website, develop joint marketing materials, and cooperate at industry shows, conferences and sales seminars.
Strategic Partners
For the customers, complimentary software providers and other technology partners, we offer a close relationship with our development team for solution support and for co-development of specific features or products. Partners can receive discounted software, free development licenses and early upgrades, as well as the opportunity to share development plans and ideas with our developers.
Technology Partners
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