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Cyber Security Training and Solutions Hong Kong for Business

ACW Distribution is experienced in providing cyber security traning and solutions in Hong Kong which help to implement an extensive solution in your business.

Cyber Security Training and Solutions in Hong Kong | ACW

Want your business to have strong and unbreakable cyber security? Give your employees cyber security solutionstraining and get cyber security solutions in Hong Kong with highquality by ACW.

Businesses that have a critical online presence must need excellent cybersecurity solutions for their essential data. Security of the website, cloud storage and other forms of information is the primary resources that need the cyber security solutions. Although many small businesses tend to use a minimal form of IT andcyber security solutions, it is not enough as the company grows and gets high brand value. As a result, cyber security solutions are needed for almost all companies who are dealing online.

ACW Distribution

ACW Distribution is Hong Kong’s reputed company focuses on enterprise IT solutions, professional IT consultancy and cybersecurity solutions that boost cybersecurity awareness for enterprises, operate their business with solutions of cloud and data management. Our goal is to assist enterprises to operate fluently and increase their profitability through all essential solutions. Let’s find their cyber security training and solutions for IT.

Cyber Security Training in Hong Kong

One of the best ways to make sure no vulnerability can impact your businesses cyber security is by giving security awareness training to your employees. ACW has this on their cyber security solutionsas they are willing to teach your employees more about essential points of security.Through the comparatively modern cybersecurity solutions andcybersecurity training by ACW, your employess familiar with how to avoid any potential threat or breach of information.

One of the training programs includes phishing simulation test where your employees are put into a situation where their act determines whether or not a security breach will happen. Such training greatly reduces attacks. ACW’s cybersecurity solution puts great attention to this field as cyber security training in Hong Kong is quite rare.


With over 18 years presence in the market, we are more dedicated and experienced in delivering an extensive family from generic to enterprise solutions in order to ensure swift adaptability for your business.

Your Success of IT Project is Our Goal

We implicitly understand the importance of IT to nowadays' business. Through our consultative approach, we provide advice on how to make your business more competitive with adequate IT solutions, all backed up by the people, processes and technology to make this happen.

Our framework of services is designed to transform the way you manage IT. Whether you seek a single offering, such as product support, or a more complete service encompassing, for example, managed hosting and information system security assessment, ACW can provide as little or as much as you need to create your own IT Systems Excellence.

Professional Services

With widely recognised expertise in the IT industry, we are absolutely proud of providing professional services to our partners and end customers through 2-tiers business model, for meeting their requirements efficiently and professionally - especially for customers without knowledge and experience in specific areas.   Our expertise covers:

Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions

We have been implementing and supporting various Cybersecurity solutions (NG firewall, NGIPS, vulnerability assessment) for over 20 years with certified expert including but not limited to CISSP, CCSE, PCNSE.

Data Management

We have been supporting storage products for over 10 years with certified expert in Storage/ backup (HDS, NetApp, Veritas) and even latest cloud storage solutions (AWS).

Security Awareness Training

The most efficient way to educate your employees on how to fortify the human element of your company's security is through cybersecurity awareness training.

Human is the weakest link in Cybersecurity, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity security awareness training solution to improve staff’s respective awareness which include phishing simulation test so that customers can better understand their current security posture.

Cybersecurity Project Management

Having trouble and lack of knowledge to manage proper implementation of cybersecurity solution? No worries, our project managers with extensive cybersecurity solution implementation experience can help. 



Experts and Consultants

We Are Ready to Serve

Our consultants and engineers are highly certified; including but not limited to CISSP, Cisco CCIE, Palo Alto Networks PCNSE and Check Point CCSE to serve you and ensure your satisfaction.

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