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ACW Distribution provides Hong Kong Kodak Alaris solutions for digital transformation and information management, from network scanner to capturing software.

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Kodak Alaris Hong Kong, a widely popular firm in the world of IT, is a professional distribution (It is not a distribution company?) company that introduces the latest notions and trends in IT.

In this world of technology, people are striving for advanced solutions for their business platforms, and that is where companies like Kodak Alaris Hong Kongcome into action. Kodak Alaris Hong Kong is a professional company that provides quality service by bringing the latest notions of IT in the form of an advantageous experience from the technical proficients to assist business firms of all kinds. It is an innovative technology company that brings in revolutionary and ingenious IT solutions that will increase the efficiency and profitability of your enterprise.

Kodak Alaris Hong Kong

Kodak Alaris Hong Kongis a global corporation that makes it more convenient while conducting the conversion of paper documents into electronic images on your devices. They are well-known for their mission to unleash the power of spreading electronic documents over any network or media for easy access and maintenance by the consumers.

The information management faculty of Kodak Alaris Hong Kongis the most significant aspect for handling all of such stuff. Kodak Alaris Hong Kong has divided its information management into two categories- Network Scanner and Capturing Software.

Network Scanner

Network Scanner is a groundbreaking initiative by Kodak Alaris Hong Kong that apprehends information from different documents and forms and forwards them in an authentic and retrievable virtual format that will allow your team to transfer documents easily in any business process.

The network scanning solutions come along with the software and hardware from Kodak Alarisand that is why any enterprise working with them can be benefited from the following advantages while sharing their information with different process workflows-

In the entire journey of navigating a business concern, it is essential that the sooner the documents are captured, the better productivity and versatility of the entire team. And that is where the Kodak Alaris Hong Kong has made it possible for the paper documents to enter into the digital systems through direct paths more swiftly.

In view of the advancement and diversification among the corporations while navigating their path in digital transformations, the significance of scanning is enhancing with the digital flow more rapidly and that is why prioritizing the best one amongst all of these is to find the one that requires less hassle in accommodating the hardware and software expenses. This is where Kodak Alaris Hong Kong provides cost-effective solutions by demolishing the needs of a greater number of additional hardware and software expenses.

Capturing Software

To increase the connectivity amongst your business partners and consumers, the role of capturing software is maturing from normal desktops to high-volume operations. That is why Kodak Alaris Hong Kong introduced their Capture Pro software which is specifically designed for easy handling data extraction, indexing, complex scanning, and other production scanning applications.

The Kodak Capture Pro has high-quality algorithms that can easily convert huge sets of paper into crispy, solid images that optimize the perfect page technology and give the best view in one scan. Moreover, the software from Kodak Alaris Hong Kong validates accurate pictures and includes features like Intelligent Exception Processing that will notify you regarding any missing information on the document. It also includes a tight technology integration that allows it to work along with different scanners from Kodak Alaris in Hong Kong and will enhance the productivity in different workflows.

Why Kodak Alaris in Hong Kong?

Kodak Alaris Hong Kong is widely popular and accessed by many corporations because of the modernized solutions that they supply with increased connectivity, simple management, and a high-profile security system that ensures an authentic and productive experience for all the users.

All the software from Kodak Alaris Hong Kong is flexible and versatile enough to work alongside any operating system. That is why to extend your boundaries in this digital world, Kodak Alaris Hong Kong will pave the way for you.

Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris Hong Kong is a leading provider of information capture solutions that simplify business processes. It exists to help the world make sense of information with smart, connected solutions powered by decades of image science innovation. Award-winning range of scanners, software and services are available worldwide, and through our network of channel partners.


Conversion of paper documents into electronic images on your computer has revolutionized the archival of information. Rapidly find, retrieve and share all documents in your DMS makes it easy for the users to share electronic documents with colleagues and clients over any networks or media.


Kodak Alaris Information Management is always the first and one of the most critical elements in an enterprise-wide Knowledge Management System.


Document Scanners

Finding the right high-speed business document scanner for your work is crucial especially in the fast-paced Hong Kong. Kodak Alaris manufactures scanners with intelligent automated features and class-leading software. Document scanners from Kodak Alaris are the innovative choices in Hong Kong. 

Desktop Document Scanners

Ideal for busy, medium-sized organizations or single-department application, workgroup and network scanners from Kodak Alaris are perfect for ad hoc scanning and customer-facing transactions, especially in Hong Kong.

Departmental Document Scanners

Departmental scanners of Kodak Alaris are designed to be shared by multiple users in departments that need to capture large batches of documents. Perfect for back office applications, these scanners are built with sophistication to automate your capture process.

Production Document Scanners

Highly reliable production scanners from Kodak Alaris are ready to tackle the most demanding,   high-volume, centralized, data capture environments, not limit to Hong Kong. Intelligent features provide the confidence of accurate document conversions.

Capture Software

Enhance productivity and serve your customers with document capture and asset management software from Kodak Alaris Hong Kong. Maximize functionality when you pair class-leading software solutions from Kodak Alaris with high-quality, accurate Kodak scanners in Hong Kong. You can also use your existing third party scanners to work with selected solutions to get the most of your existing equipment.

From desktops to high-volume operations, Alaris Capture Pro scales beautifully according to your document scanning software needs. Alaris Capture Pro is designed for centralized, high volume, mission critical, production scanning applications. It easily handles complex scanning, data extraction & indexing.

Capture Pro Software

Paper. It’s not going away. You have forms, documents, records and much more. Make your paper more productive with Kodak Capture Pro software. Securely and reliably capture and share information across your business. Kodak Capture Pro software quickly converts batches of paper into high-quality images - the foundation for accurate, streamlined data and decision making.

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