What's Cloud Services360 about?


Cloud Services360

Cloud Service360 is a cloud-based IT service offered by ACW Services and managed by Hitachi Vantara – the world's leading data management organization. It is built on the best of breed enterprise class architecture with which is designed by Hitachi Vantara using its decades of experience in Virtualization. It is also located in a highly secure, reliable and scalable datacenter.


Essentially, the cloud-based IT service enables you to create an extensible, multi-tenancy data center environment that supports public, private and hybrid clouds. It is built from the application layer with application management to the infrastructure layer with service management. It is housed in a highly secure data center and offers reliability, security and performance that only large enterprises previously enjoyed.

Cloud-based IT Service

Getting started on cloud computing is even easier with Cloud Service360. With a simple monthly subscription rate that can be tailored to your actual application and business needs, you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without compromises or hassles. Our solution offers the best flexibility for resource allocation, state-of-the-art architecture, experienced professional expertise, proven IT management process for better business IT alignment and peace of mind.


Service offering included virtual private cloud, hosted private cloud, storage as a service, content as a service, online backup, disaster recovery, hosted virtual desktop and hosted exchange.


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