What's Veracode about?



Veracode delivers the application security solutions and services today’s software-driven world requires. Veracode’s unified platform assesses and improves the security of applications from inception through production so that businesses can confidently innovate with the web and mobile applications they build, buy and assemble as well as the components they integrate into their environments.

Veracode Static Analysis

Veracode static analysis enables you to quickly identify and remediate application security flaws at scale and efficiency. Our SaaS-based platform integrates with your development and security tools, making security testing a seamless part of your development process. Once flaws are identified, leverage in-line remediation advice and one-to-one coaching to reduce your mean time resolve. Veracode static analysis is the competitive advantage you need to securely bring your applications to market at the speed of DevOps.


Integrate With Your DevOps Tool Chain

Seamless integration with more than 24 tools across the SDLC has resulted in as much as 90% or greater reduction in remediation costs for our customers.

Veracode Application Security Platform

Reduce the cost of application portfolio risk management

The Veracode Application Security Platform offers a holistic, scalable way to manage security risk across your entire application portfolio. We offer a wide range of security testing and threat mitigation techniques, all hosted on a central platform, so you don’t need to juggle multiple vendors or deploy tools. Application security cannot be solved with technology alone. Our security program managers work with you to define policies and success criteria, so you’ll have a strategic, repeatable way to tackle your application security risk. Veracode educates developers with actionable results, one-on-one coaching, and a variety of training, so they can effectively fix existing flaws and code securely moving forward.

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