imVision is a market leader in API security solutions, its API Anomaly Management Platform (AAMP) is commercially deployed worldwide, including Fortune Global 500 customers, analyzing APIs for over 100m end users.

The inherent lack of API security and their proprietary nature makes them a prime target for the next big wave of cyber attacks. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) defines a dedicated Top 10 for API Security threats, where the majority of API threats are caused by logical failures at the application layer.

imVision enables service providers to protect their operations against API-driven attack such as data breaches, account takeover, fraud and application level denial of service.

API Anomaly Management Platform (AAMP)

imVision’s API Anomaly Management Platform (AMP) analyzes the business logic and processes that executes over Service’s APIs.

Patented AI-powered Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology enables automated learning and modeling of proper API usage at the business logic level.


Business values

  • Auto API discovery & risk assessment
  • Protection against unknown API Threats
  • Early detection – before the damage was done
  • Self explanatory attack description

Operational values

  • Full automation – zero human tuning
  • 0.001% False Positive rate
  • Automatic prevention
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