Imvision helps enterprises to open up without being vulnerable, by enabling a secure API development culture that embeds security requirements into API design, development and testing – all the way back from production.

With integrated security controls at every step of the API lifecycle, Imvision helps security teams better partner with developers, keep up with the pace of change and manage risks more effectively — elevating security from a bottleneck to a key business enabler.

API Discovery

Data-driven discovery, modeling, and risk scoring

Gain visibility across the board and deeply understand the business logic behind your APIs. Uncover endpoints, usage patterns, expected flows, and sensitive data exposure through full API payload data analysis.

Runtime Protection

NLP-based anomaly detection and prevention

Detect, alert and prevent API abuses through context-aware protection, by harnessing advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze all API data and model the application behaviors.
Security Testing

Automated API security testing and recommendations

Prevent attacks by proactively identifying vulnerabilities, from production back to code. Accelerate remediation by automatically simulating attacks on your APIs based on learned business logic from production data.
Schema Analysis

API specification analysis, testing, validation, and enforcement

Prevent security incidents through early detection and remediation of errors, integrating security deep into the development process. Confirm secure API coding practices and enforce the schemas across the lifecycle.
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