HUB Security

HUB Security is the first dedicated HSM for advanced algo & Blockchain. It provides Ultra Secure, Highly Flexible Military Grade HSM Solutions for Cloud Services and Digital Asset.

Enterprise key Management Solution

The first dedicated HSM for advanced key management.

Built for Compliance and Regulation

  • HUB’s Hardware Secure Vault (HSM-V) - automatic online signing flow with integrated air-gap solution
  • Hardware EndPoint unit - the first Always Online, Ultra-Secured handheld device
  • Smart Contract secure lifecycle solution - review, deploy and update smart contracts


HUB for Enterprise High Level Overview

  • Automated transactions signing flow
  • HSM design to FIPS 140-2 level 4
  • Ultimate protection for the integrity of transactions and security keys
  • Blockchain Agnostic, Private and Public
  • Top-level Security, Simplicity and Availability


Military Grade Security for Identity, Key Management and beyond

  • Coming out of the foremost technical intelligence agency in the world (8200)
  • Inspired by the military concepts & architecture - reconstructed for banking, government and regulation
  • A unique combination of hardware and software
  • Patents filed securing HUB’s mobile cyber IP
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