Actifio is an enterprise-class data virtualization software platform.  It enables businesses around the world to deliver data as a service, leverage public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure, accelerate testing for DevOps, and improve SLAs for backup and disaster recovery while reducing cost and complexity.

Actifio Copy Data Virtualization

Proven Business Impact of Actifio Copy Data Virtualization

Improved Resiliency
Improved Resiliency through instant data access for data protection and disaster recovery. Actifio has no backup window, and RTOs are often measured in minutes not hours.
Dramatic Savings
Actifio delivers an order of magnitude reduction in TCO, via the elimination of multiple software licenses for point tools, up to a 10X reduction in storage costs, and up to a 70% reduction in network bandwidth costs.
Enhanced Agility
Decoupling strategic application data from rapidly commoditizing physical infrastructure means you can keep up with those changes, putting data where you need it when you need it, and slashing application development cycle times by making it readily but securely available to the developers and DBA’s who need it.
Transition To The Cloud
Moving your apps into the cloud won’t do much good if the data that powers them is tied to a 20th-century data center. Actifio is your on-ramp to public, private, and hybrid cloud-based systems, ensuring your data follows your applications wherever they live.
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