QI-ANXIN is a trusted cybersecurity leader offering next-generation enterprise-class cybersecurity products and services to various enterprises with significant development in the Mainland China: 9 related R&D centres, 44 branches and participated in formulating up to 50 industrial standards.  It has been awarded with a total of 109 respective industrial awards, and leading many major activities for security protection tasks, such as the Belt and Road Summit and the G20 Summit etc.  With deep expertise in big data, artificial intelligence and security operation technology, it has been recognized as the Official Cyber Security Services and Anti-Virus Software Sponsor of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022.

For the rise of new business models and applications of technologies such as including cloud computing, big data, IOT, industrial internet and 5G in recent years, QI-ANXIN, with the dedication to providing all-around security services, has significantly invested in R&D and infrastructure, and providing comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions to users from different industries.


Security Services

Offensive and defensive technology is the core of QiAnXin’s innovative security services, with focus on threat detection and response. QiAnXin provides a series of professional services such as consulting planning, threat detection, offensive and defensive exercises, continuous response, early warning notices, together with security operations, provides a full-cycle security services for enterprises under the cloud and big data environment.

SkyEye: New Generation Threat Perception System

Through attack and defence penetration and data analysis, SkyEye uses threat intelligence, rule engine, file virtual execution, machine learning and other technologies based on network traffic and terminal EDR logs to accurately discover known advanced network attacks and unknown new types of hosts and servers in the network. The intrusion behaviour of network attacks,analyzes, judges and traces the incident, and blocks the threat in time.

Key features:

1. Globally leading APT detection and tracking capabilities.

2. Automated coordinated response capabilities of cross-device.

3. TB-level data computing and retrieving feedback.

4. Over 1000 recorded business cases.

Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence Platform enables enterprises with safe operationviathreat intelligence to quickly detect, respond, analyse and prevent various types of cyberattack threats in their security operations; analyse and generate industry threat intelligence.

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP) is a software deployment system for enterprise users, provides localized and comprehensive threat intelligence capabilities - including timely discovery of key threats, screening or grading of false alarms, incidents responding for respective decision-making, provides security early warning capabilities and own intelligence operation capabilities, etc., so as to deliver platform support for the establishment of security operation centres for enterprises.


Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewall is an innovative product that can comprehensively respond to both traditional and advanced cyber threats. With high capabilities of control and threat protection, it can identify over 3,000 types of network applications and information and against over 5 million popular viruses, 5,000 exploit attacks and 1,000 spyware behaviours which can be widely applied for achieving network security domain isolation, refined access control, efficient threat protection and sophisticated threat detection within enterprises and organizations. With the integration of innovative security technologies such as threat intelligence, big data analysis and security visualization as well as intelligent collaboration between the Network Threat Perception Center (NTPC), Security Management Analysis Center (SMAC) and the endpoint security management system, it helps users configure a new generation of data-driven threat defense platform.

Key features:

1. Data-driven security innovation

2. Efficient and reliable system architecture

3. Panoramic platform management

Core functions:

1. Sophisticated application control

2. High-performance threat protection

3. Intelligent collaborative defense

4. Invasion detection and settlement

5. Visual correlation analysis


Next Generation Firewall can be applied in different scenarios including internet gate security protection, private boundary protection, data center network boundary protection and intranet invaded host detection.


1. Internet gate security protection 


Through sophisticated internet control, access to risky and illegal internet resources will be blocked. Also, it can conduct in-depth inspections on internet traffic to stop the implanation of viruses, bot and Trojan horses, and issue real-time warning for local suspicious invaded hosts based on the threat intelligence of Tianyu Cloud, an exclusive cloud security subscription platform for intelligent firewalls.



2. Private network boundary protection

On the basis of integrated threat protection, it provides real-time blocking of network attacks initiated by sites to achieve private network security isolation. The appropriate use of private network link resources and the quality of service delivery can be ensured via application control and bandwidth management. The SMAC system can also be applied to construct a unified management, monitoring and threat warning platform across the entire network.

3. Private network boundary protection

It deeply integrates IPS functions and blocks attacks targeted on loopholes of business systems and applications in network boundaries. Having a two-way detection on spyware implantation and signal channels, it can timely stop malicious behaviours. Base on the virtual system (VSYS) division, needs of multi-tenancy and multi-business isolation of data center can be met. Also, it involves in intelligent collaboration with external security facilities, detecting and early-warning advanced threat activities that have bypassed protections.

4. Intranet invaded host detection

When “Bypass mode” is deployed, it can quickly respond in terms of detecting invaded device with threat intelligence, then centralize data display and correlation analysis, and log aggregation for efficient analysis and review of threat activities.



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