GamaSec provides a unique combination of cyber security, remediation-as-a-service and financial assurance to minimize the risk of website attacks for small and medium-sized businesses. FINALLY, SMBs gain the same security and resilience as large enterprises.

GamaSec provides the industry-leading cloud-based (SaaS) solution for identifying web site and web application vulnerabilities. Built from the ground up on a completely different technology backbone than its competitors, GamaSec goes beyond traditional signature-based scanners to find more “real-world” vulnerabilities based on deeper and more granular inspection.


Web Application Scanner & Daily Malware Detection

GamaSec's Web application scanner, which protects applications and servers from hackers, is an automated security service that searches for software vulnerabilities within Web applications. A Web application scanner crawls the entire website, analyzes in-depth each & every file, and displays the entire website structure. The scanner performs an automatic audit for common security vulnerabilities while launching a series of simulated Web attacks.

GamaShield PLUS

GamaShield PLUS arms your business with GamaSec’s hacker that quickly and consistently identifies website vulnerabilities – plus, it adds a convenient and time-saving remediation-as-a-service solution where GamaSec does nearly all the work for you. GamaShield PLUS provides your business with the same website security technology that Fortune 500 companies rely on every day.

In a matter of minutes, GamaShield PLUS’s automated cloud-based virtual hacker to identify web application vulnerabilities as well as dangerous malware on your website. GamaShield PLUS then provides an easily understood report outlining the steps to eradicate them. With GamaShield, you’re informed and in control.

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