What's ThriveDX about?



ThriveDX SaaS, formerly known as Cybint Solutions, is the software as a service arm of ThriveDX, the global education company committed to transforming lives through digital skills training and solutions. ThriveDX SaaS partners with organizations and educational institutions to offer a diverse set of learning and security solutions, including career-accelerated bootcamps and security training for enterprise. ThriveDX SaaS team is comprised of military-trained cyber experts, industry veterans, and educators united under the vision of creating a safer digital world through education, training, and collaboration.

For Enterprise

Security Awareness Training 
  •  Offers a safe learning environment and real-world experience for testing whether your employees are fully familiar with the dangers of the internet including but not limited to phishing, file attacks, website cloner etc.

  • Delivers customized content based on employee progress and performance and your industry.

  •  Monitor the progress of training with real-time reporting


Application Security Training

ThriveDX SaaS puts developers first, focusing on interactive learning simulations which allow developers to understand the risk and impact of a vulnerability from an attacker’s perspective. ThriveDX SaaS mission is to revolutionize application security training with effective training, based on relevant real-world content, delivered in the methodologies that developers like, on the tools that developers use, with the skills they need to learn.


Advanced Training

Take your employees to the next level with digital skills training that’s up-to-date and tailored to your organizational needs. ThriveDX SaaS offers professional short courses, custom training, seminars, and events on a wide array of relevant technology and cybersecurity subjects.

For Education

Digital Skills Bootcamps 
ThriveDX SaaS brings learners the digital skills and hands-on training needed to transform their future. ThriveDX SaaS’s career-oriented digital education offerings focus on reskilling and upskilling the next generation of professionals.
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