Fálaina is a technology provider of Identity and Access Management solutions. Fálaina enables enterprises to have visibility and secure their infrastructures, applications and data for private and public cloud. Fálaina comprehensive solution addresses today’s requirements of an enterprise for:

1) Visibility of who have access to what
2) Automated and secure access to regular users and privileged users
3) Centralize and unify access governance process
Fálaina provides businesses with the relevant reporting and analytics to improve IT security, maintain compliance and eventually minimise business risk.

Identity Analytic & Compliance Manager (IACM)

Fálaina’s Identity Analytic and Compliance Manager (IACM) is crucial for the next generation Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution that provide complete visibility on the overview for enterprises to address their audit and compliance requirements.

Fálaina’s IACM is the foundation for Identity Lifecycle Manager and Privileged Access Manager, a comprehensive platform for enabling and improving compliance at a lower cost, it can consolidate all capabilities with compliance checking, thus enabling prevention and not just detection.

“Zero Trust” Security

It is a security model based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls and not trusting anyone by default, even though these employees and non-employees already inside your network. Identity & Access serves as the foundation to zero trust initiatives, and Fálaina provides comprehensive solution that’s enables the enterprises to understand users and their access rights information before allowing or denying their access.

Integrated Access Rights Review (Access Certification)

 Falaina provide comprehensive and flexible approach for enterprises to automate access rights review, and implement repeatable automated processes with workflow support. 

Cloud Identity (IDaaS)

Fálaina’s Cloud Identity today supports not only internal employee but also customer identity management.   It is an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) solution that centrally manages users and their access for SaaS (cloud) applications. 

It is able to provide Single Sign-On to your applications from anywhere and any device with Universal Workspace and complete user lifecycle management, access review/certification with close-loop remediation.

Cloud Privileged Access Management (CPAM)

Fálaina’s Cloud PAM solution helps organization to meet regulatory requirements or internal requirements to have complete audit trail and management of privileged users across all cloud (SaaS) applications.

IAM (Identity access management) for Legacy Application

Fálaina’s IAM solution not only able to meet requirement of today’s modern applications but also legacy, bespoke and mainframe applications. Other than providing standard agent-less connectors, Falaina provide Universal Connector Framework (UCF) with support for API, Databases and Flat-file – allow integration with target systems without any programming or code changes.


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