What's SingleStore about?



Time is Everyone’s Stiffest Competition.

 A business’ ability to operate with true intelligence at speed can be the deciding factor in success or failure. SingleStore helps companies deliver value at higher velocity so they can make the most of every moment.

SingleStore handles transactions and analytics, effortlessly, at the same time. Structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Streaming and historical alike. Unified through a single-pane-of-glass experience to make timely, accurate insight accessible for every worker and every workload.

Giving you a business intelligence ecosystem to develop products and services with real-time analytics,machine learning, AI — breaking down data silos that stifle innovation. The pace of business is only accelerating. 

Why Use SingleStoreDB?

SingleStoreDB empowers your organization to operationalize data through a unified, simplified data engine.

Who Uses SingleStoreDB?

Get ultra-fast speed, unlimited scale and immediate insights for your business — no matter the industry you serve.

Why Do Modern Apps Need SingleStoreDB?

Data Ingest
Ultra-fast ingest enables parallel high throughput for millions of events per second

Query Response
Super-low latencies fuel response times of 10 ms or less for many customer-facing apps

High concurrency enables consistent performance for thousands of real-time queries tens of thousands of users

Where Can You Deploy SingleStoreDB?

SingleStoreDB supports on-premises and multi-cloud/hybrid cloud deployments and does not require any specialty hardware. Deploy it instantly and on-demand with SingleStoreDB Cloud, or on any of your own infrastructure — including Kubernetes-managed containers, VMs or commodity hardware.

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