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InfoCore (信核數據)

InfoCore Inc., founded in 2006, headquartered in Hangzhou with subsidiaries and branch offices in almost all major cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, etc. Also InfoCore establishes a long-term R & D cooperation with companies such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, VMware, Qlogic and professional institutes such as FCIA, STA, SNIA.

InfoCore has its own complete independent intellectual property rights of Storage Virtualization and Data Security and Protection. Based on that, all InfoCore's products are developed by itself. These products are widely adopted by data center of government, military industry, public security, health care, finance, education, energy and resource, etc.

In the field of data protection, InfoCore's products and technology are both far ahead of other China's domestic companies. In the field of storage virtualization, InfoCore is in the top 3, while in China it is the number one. Also InfoCore occupies the largest China's domestic market share of CDP. InfoCore's cooperators——IBM, DELL, etc., have already tested the products and recommended these as complete solutions for long time. Besides, in 2014, InfoCore is awarded as Gartner Cool Vendor.

As China's domestic leading storage virtualization and data protection high-tech company, InfoCore has already been honored with Certificate of National New and High Technology Enterprises, CMMI, and ISO9001. R & D center has undertaken some scientific research projects of national, provincial, municipal level, including 3 projects from Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 project from “Key Projects in the National Science and Technology Pillar Program during The Twelfth Five-Years Plan Period” and 1 project from People’s Liberation Army General Armaments Department.

Tigler SC Series Storage Gateway

Central Management of heterogeneous storage for your ever-growing data

Tigler SC Series is an industry leading high per- formance storage virtualization appliance. Pow- ered by our signature software OSNSolution, an open system, standards-based suite of tools, Tigler SC Series forms a virtualization layer across heterogeneous storage systems to achieve higher availability, comprehensive data protec- tion and better disk resources utilization non-dis- ruptively.

By investing Tigler SC Series, business will have a consolidated, reliable, and extensible storage ecosystem. This helps to lower total cost of own- ership while making the company more agile and responsive to evolving needs of business.


  • Non-disruptive Data Migration
    Unique TPM technology allows the live migration of storage systems and data movement with no down- time for the business application or service disruption for end users.

  • Unified Storage Management
    The unified storage management made managing and provisioning heterogeneous storages an other- wise cumbersome and disruptive process extremely easy. Virtual capacity aggregates physical storage and breaks the barrier of physi- cal capacity. Auto provisioning capacity lets users serve up large logi- cal disk volumes dynamically to meet their needs. Tigler SC enables on-demand capacity expansion without downtime and dramatically improves efficiency on data storage as high as 3 times.

  • Zero Business Interruption
    Tigler's high availability design and solu- tion eliminate the single point of failure gracefully and ensures zero business interruption.

  • Open-system and Standards-based Implementation
    Supports IP-SAN and FC-SAN, Disk Arrays, SAN Switches and HBAs from mainstream vendors.
  • Enable Flexible and Rapid Deployment
    Tigler's virtualization layer provides unmatched flexibility and cost reductions in ongoing opera- tions, whether it’ s hardware upgrade to introduce new equipment, replace legacy storage devices or add an existing SAN device. This flexibility combined with the smart deployment wizard included in Tigler's installation package reduces the maintenance cost by up to 50%.

  • Comprehensive Disaster Recovery with flexible configuration
    Tigler's Disaster Recovery features include a wide variety of configurations and different data replication methods to meet your data center disaster planning requirement and improve your data center resilien- cy.


Nextor CS Series CDP Appliance

Real-time Protection. Data Recovery within Minutes.

Nextor CS Series: Nextor CS has another name--CDP Appliance. CDP Appliance is an all-in-one device, into which sets Continuous Data Protection and Operating System Fast Recovery. On the basis of Mirroring and CDP, CDP Appliance enables to continuous protection and rapid recovery of applications, databases, operating systems, and documents.

CDP Appliance can be embedded into IT infrastructure flexibly. Through Block-level Data Seizing, it enables to protect all front-end servers fully.

By means of P2V, SAN Boot, etc., Nextor CS realizes data recovery within minutes, so that it dramatically reduces the time of business interruption and loss rate of data. In addition, it supports remote disaster tolerance. If deployed with Tigler SC together, it extends to platform disaster tolerance.

InfoCore occupies No.1 market share of CDP solution in China market


  • Continuos Protection
    CDP Appliance automatically safeguard historical data such as documents, applications, databases,operating systems, etc. It easily solves the problem of data loss and operation break-down by the fast recovery of data and operating systems. The maximum of repetitious points incremental snapshot can reach 4.3 billion, which realizes true continuous protection.
  • Emergency Take-over
    All repetitious points incremental snapshots are shown completely, so that it can be mounted on bare-metal by just one-click for verification at any time. When host computers break down, virtual host takes over operation in 3 minutes at fastest, which keeps business alive. After the host computers repaired, the operation can move back smoothly.
  • Flexible Recovery
    Outstanding experience on recovery. Based on diverse strategies of instantaneous recovery, recovery time can be reduced by 99%.
  • Virtual Machine Backup
    CDP Appliance enables to backup VMware virtual machine, and incremental backup for virtual machine.Error occurring to virtual machine, CDP Appliance enables to restore the virtual machine to a historical status to keep the business operating.
  • Remote Disaster Tolerance
    Two or more CDP Appliance deployed in different cities enable to copy data from each other, to realize remote disaster tolerance based on IP. When disaster happens, through the CDP Appliance in another city, data and business can be restored rapidly.


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