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As a leading email solution service provider in China , Coremail has over 300 email technical experts and nearly 25 years of experience, developing innovative products such as email system, enterprise mailbox, archiving system, delivery system, mail client, email gateway, security management center, email data leakage prevention system, etc. Their products and solutions have been widely used by government, financial, public institutions, science and education institutions and enterprises. 作为中国领先的邮件解决方案服务提供商,Coremail拥有超过300名邮件技术专家和近25年的经验,开发了包括归档系统、企业邮箱、归档系统、投递系统、邮件客户端、邮件网关、安全管理中心、邮件数据防泄露系统等创新产品。他们的产品和解决方案被广泛应用于政府机构、金融机构、公共机构、科教机构和企业中。


(Coremail Consistly Focusing On Email For 25Years)


Coremail Email System 电邮系统

Product Description 产品描述

Since the Coremail email system was born in 1999, it has always adhered to the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, security and easy expansion. As the first self-developed e-mail system in China that supports hundreds of millions of users, Coremail perfectly combines customers' strict requirements for security and efficiency with the ever-changing cloud technology. The newly launched Coremail XT e-mail system V6.0. XT V6.0 is to create a new trend of mail system virtualization and lead a new trend of multi-terminal collaborative office, combined with 20 years of experience rules and best practices, comprehensively improve the user experience, promote the informatization operation of enterprises and institutions, and improve the competitiveness of the industry.

Coremail电子邮件系统自1999年诞生以来,一直秉承高效、稳定、安全、易扩展的特点。作为国内首个自主研发、支持数亿用户的电子邮件系统,Coremail将客户对安全、高效的严格要求与日新月异的云技术完美结合。最新推出的 Coremail XT 电子邮件系统 V6.0。 XT V6.0开创邮件系统虚拟化新潮流,引领多终端协同办公新趋势,结合20年经验法则和最佳实践,全面提升用户体验,推动企事业单位信息化运营,提升行业竞争力。

Product Features 产品特点

  • Easy cloud transition 
    Container deployment: Multiple running modes, dynamic expansion, elastic deployment, realizes fast deployment, and simplifies cloud systems.



  • Full monitoring of behavior
    Flexible and finely-grained management permissions, realizing separation of powers with checks and balances, monitoring mail system usage behavior and system status.

  • Data security
    After being compressed and stored in binary format using self-developed encryption algorithms, disk space is saved, and data security is effectively guaranteed.


  • Exit data leakage prevention
    Provides a secure and reliable email classification system and security marking functions to ensure the security of user information transmission.



Coremail Email Security Gateway 邮件安全网关

Product Description 品介紹

Leveraging our proprietary neural network platform Nerve2.0, our system has the ability to detect and intercept malicious emails in real-time, with a high accuracy rate of 99.8% for spam ads, phishing emails, virus-infected emails, and BEC scam emails. Supported email brands include Coremail, Exchange, O365, Gmail, IBM Domino, and Lotus Notes.

利用我们专有的神经网络平台Nerve2.0,我们的系统能够实时检测和拦截恶意电子邮件,对垃圾邮件广告、钓鱼邮件、病毒感染电子邮件和BEC诈骗邮件的准确率高达99.8% 。支持的电子邮件品牌包括 Coremail、Exchange、O365、Gmail、IBM Domino 和 Lotus Notes。

Product Features 


    Intent analysis 意Malicious URLs detection 恶意网址检测
    Content Feature detection 內容特征检测
    Attachment detection   附件检测

  • Link Protection 恶意链接安全防护

    Spam, Malware and phishing URLs 垃圾邮件、恶意软体和钓鱼网址
    Pornographic URLs 色情Newly registered domains 新注册的域名


    13 Coremail security patent technologies  13Coremail安全专利技术
    250,000+ customers daily protection  每天保护超过250,000个客户
    30,000,000+ daily anti-spam analysis requests 每日30,000,000+ 次反垃圾邮件分析请求
    1,000,000 +daily malicious emails block 每日拦截 1,000,000+ 封恶意电子邮件

    Attachment Detection 附件检测

    Anti-virus engines(KASPERSKY, QI-ANXIN) 反病毒引擎(KASPERSKY、奇安信)
    Encrytion compression attachment detection 加密压缩附件检测



Coremail Email Data Leakage Prevention 邮件数据防泄露系统

Product Description 产品介绍

CACTER-EDLP is a data leakage protection product that employs deep content recognition technology. Based on various security levels, it uses different algorithms and strategies and supports multiple response rules. It is able to provide post-audit and alerting functionalities as well as mid-procurement and interception capabilities for sensitive data that has been sent out through email systems, aiming to ensure effective data protection.


Product Features 

  • Multi-dimensional detection of sensitive information  多维度敏感信息检测
  • Flexible configuration for email approval  邮件审批灵活配置
  • Built-in intelligent algorithm for content detection 内嵌智能算法检测



High availability solutions:

Support local high availability solution: Within the same data center, it can solve the business interruption caused by software or hardware failures, ensuring business continuity.

Support remote disaster recovery: In cross-data center architecture, it can solve the business interruption caused by the failure of the entire data center, reducing losses.




Distributed solutions:

With the continuous development and expansion of the scale of many enterprises, in all parts of the country and even multinational have established subsidiaries, and usually mail system in the daily office accounted for a relatively heavy, the stability and efficiency of the mail system more and more attention. Distributed solution mainly realizes the effect of efficient management of multiple nodes and accelerated access.



Collaborative Office Solutions:

Coremail client supports various mainstream platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and ITAI platform, and is perfectly compatible with the Coremail email system.


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