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As a leading email solution service provider in China , Coremail has over 300 email technical experts and nearly 25 years of experience, developing innovative products such as email system, enterprise mailbox, archiving system, delivery system, mail client, email gateway, security management center, email data leakage prevention system, etc. Their products and solutions have been widely used by government, financial, public institutions, science and education institutions and enterprises. 作为中国领先的邮件解决方案服务提供商,Coremail拥有超过300名邮件技术专家和近25年的经验,开发了包括归档系统、企业邮箱、归档系统、投递系统、邮件客户端、邮件网关、安全管理中心、邮件数据防泄露系统等创新产品。他们的产品和解决方案被广泛应用于政府机构、金融机构、公共机构、科教机构和企业中。


(Coremail Consistly Focusing On Email For 25Years)

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