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NSFOCUS is an iconic internet and application security company with 23+ years of proven industry experience. We are operating globally with 4000+ employees at headquarter in Beijing, China.   

In the ever-changing network environment, NSFOCUS provides customers with Threat Intelligence, Anti-DDoS Protection, Web Application Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Vulnerability Management and Professional Security Assessment. These solutions are widely implemented in FSI, Government and Telecom in Hong Kong.

Anti-DDoS Protection (NSFOCUS ADS)

ADS is a stateless DDoS mitigation appliance that removes unwanted, malicious traffic. When an ADS is added to the deployment, the ADS then comes under the direction of the NTA. The NTA communicates with the ADS, alerting it to the IP address(es) that are under DDoS attacks. 




Intelligent Security Operations Platform (NSFOCUS ISOP)

Powered by Extended Detection and Response (XDR) technology, NSFOCUS ISOP is a consolidated security operations platform designed for modern security operations centre (SOC) to streamline security analyst experience, improve threat response efficiency and raise security operations productivity. NSFOCUS ISOP has comprehensive SOC capabilities and modular components that help:

  • Organizations that lack SOC capability to build and go live their autonomous SOC quickly
  • Organizations that have already had SIEM or SOC to reduce Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Response (MTTR), improve security operations productivity by introducing NSFOCUS ISOP’s modular components as required.
  • NSFOCUS ISOP also enables large organizations to share their SOC resources with their branches.  Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to boost their value-added security services and multi-tenant capabilities. 



Vulnerability Management (NSFOCUS RSAS)

NSFOCUS RSAS provides a security assessment tool helping organizations manage risks, meet regulatory compliance, ensure secure configurations and uncover web application weak settings and vulnerabilities. The RSAS creates a platform for managing the vulnerability life cycle saving administrators time and effort from vulnerability discovery, risk prioritization, providing recommendations, hardening and revalidation. It is available in both hardware and VM subscription formats, ensuring flexible deployment options for your needs.



Web Application Firewall (NSFOCUS WAF)

NSFOCUS WAF technology is powered by an internationally-recognized research lab and developed with over 20 years of experience protecting the world’s largest banks, telecommunications, gaming, and SMBs. The WAF uses Intelligent Detection advanced machine learning technology that is far superior for identifying web attacks and minimizing false positives/negatives than traditional positive and negative security models to deliver next-gen real-time web security. With full out-of-the-box protection against the OWASP Top Ten, NSFOCUS WAF is specifically engineered to protect not just web applications, but their underlying infrastructure, plug-ins, protocols, and more.



Intrusion Prevention System (NSFOCUS IPS)

The NSFOCUS Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) provides comprehensive threat protection that blocks intrusions, prevents breaches, and safeguards your valuable assets. NGIPS uses an innovative, multi-layer approach to identifying and addressing known, zero-day, and advanced persistent threats to protect you from malware, worms, spyware, back-door Trojans, data leakage, brute force cracking, protocol attacks, scanning/probing, web threats, and more. This approach combines signature and behaviour-based detection, protocol and traffic anomaly detection, correlation analysis, deep packet inspection, and the latest threat intelligence to detect malicious sites and botnets.



Threat Intelligence (NTI)

NSFOCUS Security Lab is an internationally - recognized cyber security research and threat response center at the forefront of vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and mitigation research. NSFOCUS Threat Intelligence data feeds provide information in four critical areas, and are delivered worldwide from strategically located NSFOCUS Cloud Centers:

  • IP Reputation Data Feed
  • Malicious Web/URL Data Feed
  • Command & Control Data Feed
  • Malware Data Feed


Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

NSFOCUS delivers fully integrated Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) to combat these emerging, sophisticated threats while reducing complexities and increasing operational efficiencies, which includes powerful security features such as firewall, IPS, DLP, Antivirus, Application Control, VPN service, and URL Filtering to combat cyberattacks and threats.

With the new hardware and software architecture, NSFOCUS NGFW uses intelligent technologies in security solutions to block known and unknown cyberattacks accurately. It tracks the real-time state of network sessions, maintains deep subscriber and application awareness, and uniquely mitigates attacks based on more granular details than traditional firewalls. Leveraging the enhanced performance provided by its dedicated product architecture, NSFOCUS NGFW delivers a high-performance engine carrying out strong capabilities of IPS, and Antivirus without impacting the network traffic. 



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