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eSign (e簽寶)

Electronic Signature and Contract Management

eSign is deeply engaged in the field of electronic signature service, providing comprehensive solutions such as secure and reliable identity authentication, electronic signature, intelligent performance, blockchain evidence preservation, etc. for government, enterprises and individual users, and providing software application and technical service support with industry-leading technical strength. Its products have the industry's top data security control capability and privacy protection mechanism, and advanced AI application technology. The products widely serve Internet + government affairs, medical care, financial science and technology, international trade, logistics, tourism, human resources and other industries, and have served 1 million enterprises and more than 0.1 billion users. It is worth mentioning that eSign has been on Hurun Global Unicorn list for four consecutive years.

eSign's Cross-border Signing Integration Program

Identity authentication and real-name verification service


Relying on high-quality authoritative data sources, eSign identity authentication service provides customers with credible, reliable and flexible identity verification services to meet the needs of various industries for fast and secure online identity verification of organizations/individuals.


Intelligent Contract Management


eSign provides customers with intelligent contract management services powered by AI technology. It not only empowers customers with contract management capabilities, but also helps customers carry out functions such as contract templates, classification control, intelligent review, contract risk control, contract fulfillment, contract analysis and statistics, etc., so that legal personnel can be freed from cumbersome paper-based traditional management affairs.


Evidence Preservation Services


eSign’s blockchain data evidence preservation service helps customers solidify a series of digital evidence chains related to signing and contract management and provides additional auxiliary evidence storage for future compliance review and dispute resolution.



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