ACW Distribution


Yunke China (神州雲科)

Yunke China is a subsidiary of Digital China Group Co.,Ltd. (abbreviated as Digital China, stock code: 000034.SZ). It is committed to becoming a leading Chinese digital ecosystem provider.

Yunke China YK-ADC solution adopts a brand-new design that provides fast, secure, agile, and visible delivery for all web-based, cloud computing, mobile, IPv6, and 5G network applications, ensuring the best user experience. The YK-ADC application delivery system solution not only offers comprehensive Layer 4-7 application delivery functionality but also serves as a big data collection engine. It works in conjunction with Cloud Science's management platform to achieve probe-less application visualization. Additionally, Cloud Science natively supports orchestration capabilities, assisting customers in achieving end-to-end deployment of automated application services and security services (i.e., DevOps).


YK-ADC R Series

YK-ADC R Series solution, known as "Rongyi", brings faster, more reliable, and flexible characteristics, providing enterprises with a smoother user experience. By leveraging the re-architected "Priority Design API" model, it bridges the gap between traditional and modern infrastructures, catering to the needs of both traditional and emerging applications. In terms of performance parameters, the YK-ADC R Series achieves unprecedented growth. With a highly automated architecture and exceptional reliability, security, and access control, enterprises can shorten time to market, integrate their infrastructure, and extensively safeguard critical data. Additionally, it reduces the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) and ensures future-proofing for application infrastructure.

雲端科容翼系列(又稱「YK-ADC R系列」)解決方案以更快速、更可靠、更靈活的特色將為企業帶來更順暢的使用體驗。借助重新架構的「優先設計API 」模式彌補了傳統和現代基礎設施之間的差異,用於同時滿足傳統和新興應用程式的需求。在效能參數上,YK-ADC R系列達到前所未有的增長。透過高度自動化的體系結構以及超高的可靠性、安全性和存取控制,企業可以縮短上市時間、整合基礎架構,並大規模保護關鍵數據,同時降低總體擁有成本(TCO)並為應用程式基礎架構提供未來保障。


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