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Hillstone Networks (山石網科)

Hillstone Networks was founded in 2006 by NetScreen veterans, and has been a leading innovator in the cybersecurity space, from releasing one of the first AI-based firewalls, to capturing the private cloud space, and quickly creating CWPP and XDR solutions to match the rapidly changing threat landscape. This innovative trend has been recognized by Hillstone's Visionary classification in Gartner's Magic Quadrant. Hillstone now has over 2000 employees worldwide serving 28,000+ customers, secures 100+ Fortune 500 customers, and possesses a global presence in over 60+ countries.

Hillstone Networks has been recognized in Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Network Firewalls for the 4th year in a row while the overall rating came to 4.9. 
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Hillstone Future-Ready Next Generation Firewall Platform

The Hillstone A-Series next-generation firewall features high security performance, flexible expansion, complete advanced threat detection and prevention, and automated intelligent policy operation. This future-ready NGFW series is based on a brand new hardware architecture that offers industry-leading application layer performance to meet real-world network security needs.

  • Advanced Threat Detection and Protection
  • High-Performance Hardware Architecture
  • Excellent Access Capability and Storage Expansion
  • Smart and Efficient Policy Operation

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Hillstone XDR Solution (Extended Detection & Response)

XDR is a Modern Solution for the Modern and Evolving Enterprise

By design, XDR is a flexible, easy-to-integrate, comprehensive, and comprehensible security solution for organizations dealing with extensive technology sprawl. For one, XDR integrates with as many data sources as possible and contextualizes the metadata—giving security teams the ability to generate insights from across the IT/OT environment. Moreover, D&R becomes cross-layered across these data points, mitigating the tunnel vision that sometimes comes from traditional methods such as EDR.

Hillstone iSource: AI-powered XDR Solution

Hillstone iSource is a data-driven, AI-powered XDR platform that integrates massive security data, correlates and investigates incidents, identifies potential threats, and automatically orchestrates security to respond cohesively across multiple security products and platforms. iSource brings a radical new approach to cybersecurity with unrivaled security operation efficiency.

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Hillstone NDR Solution (Network Detection & Response)

Hillstone’s AI and ML technologies work effectively across the entire attack detection, analysis and response phases. These techniques monitor behaviors along the attack path, then build models for standard profiles or baselines of behavior for users and other entities. Anomalous activity is flagged as suspicious, and security admins are alerted for further analysis. The AI engines also automatically ingest other forensic information from sources, such as threat intelligence and reputation, to reduce noise and enhance accuracy. Hillstone’s AI-driven security learns the characteristics of malware families and models them to detect both known and mutated threats, and presents the data to admins with enriched forensic information.

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Hillstone SD-WAN Solution

Developed by security industry veterans, Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution provides robust, comprehensive enterprise security to mitigate SD-WAN risks. The solution offers not only the visibility to see into network traffic, but also the ability to understand traffic context, and the capability to take action, protecting traffic at the edge. In addition, the SD-WAN solution provides centralized management, zero-touch provisioning, and superior QoS with active link monitoring for fast, simplified and protected SD-WAN networking.

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