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DaoCloud (道客)

DaoCloud is an innovation leader in the cloud native field. With the competitive expertise of its proprietary intellectual property rights, DaoCloud is committed to creating an open Cloud OS which enables enterprises to easily carry out digital transformation.

As a provider of professional computing services and technical solutions, DaoCloud helps government agencies, research institutions, and operators to build and operate AI data centres in multiple regions including Shanghai, Hefei, Tianjin, Hong Kong and other places. And by setting up an Open AI Ecosystem Platform featuring with LLM model suites, DaoCloud promotes collaborative innovations between computing power and AI applications, providing you with efficient, reliable, and accessible GPU cloud services for your AI training, fine-tunning, and inference.


DaoCloud 道客是雲端原生領域的創新領者。藉著自主智慧財產權的競爭優勢,致力於打造開放的雲端作業系統,幫助企業輕鬆進行數轉型。作為算力服務提供者和專業技術支援方,「DaoCloud 道客」與各政府、大型企業、科研機構和運營商等智算中心建設方與運營方緊密合作,在上海、合肥、天津、香港等多個地區建立算力樞紐中心,實現算力資源跨行業、跨地區、 跨層級地自由流動,並透過建構AI 開放生態體系,整合豐富的模型套件工具,全面推動算力與應用的協同創新,為所有使用者提供高效率、可靠、容易進行的AI 算力雲端服務,加速AI 的普及。

DaoCloud Enterprise 5.0

DaoCloud Enterprise 5.0 (DCE 5.0) is a high-performance and scalable cloud native operating system. It provides a seamless experience across diverse infrastructures, empowering you to adapt effortlessly to any scenario. Embrace the digital future with speed and confidence, while boosting your business agility efficiently.

DaoCloud Enterprise 5.0 (DCE 5.0) 是一款高效能、可擴充的雲端原生作業系統。 它能夠在任何基礎設施和任意環境中提供一致、穩定的體驗,支援異質雲、邊緣雲和多雲編排。 DCE 5.0 整合了服務網格和微服務技術,結合最新的AI 引擎,能夠追蹤每個流量的發生過程, 幫助您洞察叢集、節點、應用和服務的詳細指標,並透過動態儀錶板和拓撲大圖可視化地掌握應用健康狀態。 is a comprehensive AIGC platform that allows you to enhance your LLM models and leverage your organization's knowledge base. By integrating AI generation engines and plugins such as cloud native AI engine, DataTunerX, DaoCloud AIGC Knowledge, and infmonkeys, provides a powerful tool for creating, training, and inferring AI products. This repository serves as a user-friendly portal for accessing all the necessary documents related to 是一個全面的人工智能生成雲平台,讓您可以增強您的LLM模型並利用您組織的資料庫。通過整合雲原生人工智能引擎、DataTunerXDaoCloud AIGC KnowledgeinfmonkeysAI生成引擎和插件,d.run成為了強大的工具用作創造、訓練和推斷AI的產品。該程式庫不但是一個方便使用的渠道,還提供與d.run相關的所有必要文檔的存取途徑。

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