Kemp has reinvented the load balancer with a focus on simplifying and reducing the cost for providing an optimal and secure application experience for enterprises and service providers.


Unlike the high cost and complexity of other vendors in the market, Kemp provides the most cost-effective and flexible deployment options. Deploy Kemp as hardware, virtual, in the cloud, on a per-app basis, or any combination of those.


Kemp offers flexible licensing that maps exactly to the customer’s business requirements, with the option to pay perpetually, as a subscription, or as-you-go with metering. Kemp prides itself on a 98%+ support satisfaction rate by providing direct-access technical support upon first contact. This made Kemp the world’s most popular virtual load balancer with 100,000+ deployments in over 135 countries.




It is a load balancer built on its own proprietary software platform called LMOS, that enables it to run on almost any platform: As a KEMP LoadMaster appliance, a Virtual LoadMaster (VLM) deployed on Hyper-V, VMWare, on bare metal or in the public cloud. KEMP is available in Azure, where it is in the top 15 deployed applications as well as in AWS and VMWare vCloud Air.

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